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About the Photographer


Hi!  :D 

Welcome to my little corner of the wild and vast abyss known as the "world wide web".

My name is Marybeth Kiczenski and I am a Great Lakes based adventurer and photographer of all things that inspire me.  Whether that means cars, animals, the northern lights, or the sky - its all fair game!  However, I am a *little* biased towards the night sky and all its glory.  So you'll find a bit more of that on this page.  

I got my "feet wet", so to speak, with Automotive Photography.  I was always at the race track.  I loved capturing those nuanced moments of a car under  extreme pressure - the tire wrinkle, the flames exerted through the exhaust right before launch - thanks to anti-lag!  It was very exhilarating, to say the least!  I also own a race car, and still take it out from time to time.  Most know me by the car  more than anything - "TrboBlu" - a 1995 Eagle Talon.  


Beyond racing, I am an Automotive Product Specialist that travels on the show circuit.  This job has taken me to virtually all corners of the United States and is what sparked my extreme wanderlust.  This world is full of beauty - just waiting to be discovered!  That's where the shift from automotive photography to landscapes happened.  What a difference, too!  From high-speed split second reactions to minute long exposures of the night sky.  Couldn't be any further apart.  I enjoy the challenges of both!  


Over the years, I've had several pieces published in Hot Rod, DSport, Mustang Monthly, and Traverse Magazines.   I contribute regularly to, as well!  Also featured on NatGeo Your Shot in January 2019. 

Currently serving as an ambassador for the Michigan State Park system.  

Selected as an Artist-in-Residence for the Alaska State Park system - coming in October!


Feel free to look around and if you have any questions about ordering prints, booking a shoot, or want to say hello, don't hesitate to reach out!  

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